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Rumble Kong League is a competitive 3 vs 3 basketball experience, combining play-to-earn functionality with NFT Collection mechanics, enabling users to compete in engaging ways through NFTs. Launching with a set of unique 10.000 ERC-721 tokens, called Kongs. Alongside a truly unique look, each Kong comes with a randomly generated set of attributes that can influence their performance in a match, providing additional depth and strategic elements.
Combining our strong vision, high-quality art, cutting-edge backend solutions, as well as a public and experienced team, it is our goal to give new use-cases to NFTs and disrupt the current landscape.

Kongs will be released with a provenance that is computed and presented here on the website, without compromising the rarities, meaning no metadata leak is possible. This ensures a fair random generation of the Kongs. Permanence of the art is guaranteed, in addition to having your art live on IPFS, we have taken an extra measure to have it on Arweave, as well. Minting randomness is guaranteed via in-contract mechanisms.

Commitment to Quality

Each Kong is assembled from a set of 100+ carefully hand-drawn traits, split into various categories. Out of over 45million possible combinations, 10.000 will be assembled through a programmatic approach, giving each Kong a distinct look. Our art is inspired by other monkey-based collections (You know who we are talking about), but it is our aim to give it our own twist through unique designs.

Each of the traits has been hand-drawn by digital artist sickpencil, known for his unique art style and various high-quality NFT derivatives and standalone NFT pieces. Rumble Kongs are giving him the opportunity to express his creativity to the fullest, by combining everyday basketball traits with unique out-of-this-world designs. All the art is uploaded to IPFS and Arweave for permanence. In addition to that, owners will receive a complete commercial licence to any owned Kong.


The Sneakers Airdrop

A snapshot of all kong holders who are eligible for the sneaker drop will be taken on 06/08/2021 at 4 PM UTC

The Game

The core gameplay of the Rumble Kong League will evolve around exciting 3 versus 3 basketball matches, combining proven gameplay- and play-to-earn mechanics. Compete with and against other real users and their NFTs in various leagues and compete for a range of rewards and become the best of your class. In order to participate in Leagues, users will need to be members of Clubs, a separate layer of the ecosystem, giving users the chance to manage their own team and find the best possible kong synergies to be victorious.
Making a game is easy. Making a good game is hard. This is why the initial drop of 10.000 Kongs will help fund the project, planned to be released later in 2021 globally. Kong owners will have a say in our roadmap, follow us on this journey, and be the first to get their hands on the game.

The Kongs will always be at the heart of the Rumble Kong League, it is our vision to open the league up to other NFT Collections in the future, giving NFT interoperability a new meaning and offering new ways to use NFTs to anyone. We are already in discussion with multiple known NFT Collections, some of which will be announced in the coming weeks.

Game Image

Manage your player and participate in exciting 3 versus 3 online matches with and against other Kong NFTs. You decide on the play-style and tactics of your Kong, making the most out of any given situation.

Game Image

Compete in various leagues and tournaments to win prizes and earn a living as a basketball player. Earn real money through prize-pools, sponsorships, advertising and other revenue streams, opening up a completely new way of gaming.

Game Image

You can either create or join a basketball club and build the team of your dreams. Find other Kongs and make decisions on the best possible lineup of players to be victorious. Don’t want to manage yourself? No problem! Just join another club and become their MVP!

Game Image

Once you found your dream club, and managed to get the most out of your Kong, it is up to you to perform, get those wins and get to the top of the Rumble Kong League. Make your own destiny and bring glory to your club!


The Team

Meet the team bringing you the rumble. No anonymity, we have skin in the game to make this work.

Team Image
Marketing Director at The Sandbox with 10+ year experience working in the gaming industry (Activision Blizzard, Wargaming)
Team Image
Digital artist and creative mastermind known for his unique style and several popular derivatives across the NFT space
Team Image
reNFT tech co-founder, first peer-to-peer ERC-721 and ERC-1155 lending / renting protocol

Team Image
Marketing all-rounder and co-founder at reNFT as well as Marketing at The Sandbox



In addition to the above we will use part of the sale proceeds to support various charities, bringing sport closer to those who can't exercise themselves and help gorillas getting introduced back to nature. This is not a sales milestone for us, but something ongoing we are committed to.

Beyond our existing roadmap, there are a lot of ideas floating around our heads. Below is roughly 1% of them.

  • πŸ€ Clubs can have players from other NFT Collections (imagine playing on the same team with an Ape or Punk)
  • πŸ€ Animated player cards, showcasing your Kong’s attributes and performance
  • πŸ€ Rumble Kong Arena inside The Sandbox
  • πŸ€ Giving players the opportunity to host and run their own tournaments
  • πŸ€ Transfer market to player trading
  • πŸ€ ERC-20 token, introducing deep tokenemics as part of core game loop
  • πŸ€ Player rentals